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Citrix XenServer or sometimes referred as XenServer is a Server virtualization and hypervisor management platform. Get a professional Citrix XenServer Training from IIHT if you are looking for a virtualization Server environment of Xen Family.
​AWS Training classes are available in all the IIHT Centres. Most of the working professionals prefer to strengthen their skills in the Field of Cloud Computing designed by Amazon. AWS Certification Training is an added advantage for your career growth. IIHT’s AWS training in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai and Delhi and other cities have been more successful in past few years.
​One of the most powerful parts of the Cloud Computing is Azure. At IIHT’s Microsoft Azure Training, you will learn about the virtualization and virtual machines in Windows Environment. A perfect training in Azure would lead you to the greater opportunities for your career. Get trained by our Industry Experts with rich experience in the field of Microsoft Azure Certification and Azure Services.
​Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 is a Mail Server designed by Microsoft to use specifically on Microsoft Windows Server. In recent years, Exchange Server became a part of Cloud. It can be used to share calendars and schedule meetings and it is one of the most powerful tools for your secure communication in IT Industries.
Microsoft Hyper-V was previously known as “Windows Server Virtualization” developed by Microsoft Windows as a part of one of the Cloud Computing Products. Hyper-V adds a capability to run Virtual Machines on a Windows Computer.
​Microsoft Lync 2013 is an another miracle tool from Microsoft. Microsoft Lync is known as an instant-messaging client and in modern IT Industries. Lync 2013 has strong capabilities such as Audio Calls, Video Calls, Online meetings, instant document sharing and more.
​A collection of Office Tools called Microsoft Office 365 is available for online with synchronization capabilities. Office 365 is the latest trend in many modern organizations for Document Sharing, Presentation and much more.
OpenStack is the most popular Open-Source Operating System based on Cloud Computing. OpenStack Training at IIHT would strengthen your skills as a professional to be get prepared for the OpenStack Certification. At IIHT, master the new way of OpenStack Administration on Cloud. OpenStack Training is available in all of our IIHT Centres including Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Delhi and many more cities.
Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 is Powerful and easily manageable collaboration tool and a platform developed by Microsoft and it is also available as a part of Microsoft Office 365. SharePoint Server 2013 provides a secure environment for professional administrators to access the Documents and files in any kind of IT Industry.
Citrix XenDesktop or XenDesktop is a Desktop Virtualization Softwares that allows multiple users to run Windows Desktops that are installed in a central location of an Organization. It is one of the well-known Virtual Desktop Software developed by Citrix. Citrix XenApp or XenApp is an application virtualization Software that allows multiple users to access the Windows Application via Cloud Computing. IIHT offers the advanced training on Virtualization in the environment of Citrix Platform. Let’s take a look at the contents of the course that are covered in Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp training session.