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The Cloud computing training offered at IIHT, possess a structure that covers Cloud Computing in virtual environments, Cloud Managed Services, Cloud Service Management and also Cloud on various other platforms. Attend the Cloud training sessions, conducted by our experienced faculties.


IIHT Certified Trainers having rich experience in Cloud Computing. At IIHT;s Cloud Computing programme, learn about Cloud Computing, Building and Managing Enterprise Virtual Environment with Hyper V, VM Ware, XenServer, Building and Managing Private Clouds and Data Centre Operation and Configuration Management.
Cloud Computing training is one of our Programmes that falls under the category ‘C’ in iSMAC (IT-IMS, Social, Mobility, Analytics, and Cloud). Cloud Computing is basically storing and accessing information, from applications and other resources over the internet, instead of storing it on your own hard drive with the use of virtualisation.
This Cloud Computing course at IIHT prepares you for the following Cloud certifications – AWS Cloud certification, Cloud Security certification, etc. Enroll for IIHT’s Cloud computing course which also has elements of the Cloud networking course. The Cloud Computing curriculum at IIHT includes the information needed by candidates looking for basic Cloud courses and advanced Cloud Courses. This makes IIHT a preferred Cloud Computing institute to get upgraded to Cloud technology.
The market for Cloud Computing and Cloud service management is increasing at a tremendous rate. As we know, more and more companies are adopting Cloud to host their applications. Therefore, Cloud Computing professionals are highly in demand.

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