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​One of the most powerful parts of the Cloud Computing is Azure. At IIHT’s Microsoft Azure Training, you will learn about the virtualization and virtual machines in Windows Environment. A perfect training in Azure would lead you to the greater opportunities for your career. Get trained by our Industry Experts with rich experience in the field of Microsoft Azure Certification and Azure Services.

Let’s take a look at IIHT’s Azure Training in brief.


​Azure (created by Microsoft) is a powerful public cloud computing platform developed for creating, deploying and managing software and applications via a global network of data centres managed by Microsoft itself. Microsoft Azure supports numerous tools, frameworks and programming languages. Azure is the most powerful and popular Cloud Platform for both PaaS (Platform as a Service) and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), providing unparalleled efficiency in building, deploying and managing applications.

It offers a variety of cloud services to users, such as computing, analytics, data storage, hybrid integration, Internet of Things (IoT) and networking that help them to build and expand applications.


After realizing the impact of Microsoft Azure among enterprises, IIHT is offering a Modular Programme in Azure. Following are the broad level topics covered in this Modular Programme:

  • Introduction to Azure
  • Implementing and Managing Virtual Networks
  • Implement Virtual Machines
  • Managing Virtual Machines
  • Implementing Websites
  • Planning and Implementing Storage
  • Implementing Cloud Services and Mobile Services
  • Implementing Azure Active Directory

Pre-requisites : Working professional having 1-2 years of experience in Microsoft Azure.

Duration : 24 hours.


  • ​The most popular Cloud Service used by enterprises.
  • Demonstrates your skills in Advanced Cloud Computing.
  • Increased productivity and efficiency while working on Cloud.
  • Supports widest range of operating systems, programming languages, tools, devices.
  • Better career opportunities and good pay in top MNCs.