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Cloud computing offers the ability to acquire vast, scalable computing resources on demand. It is revolutionizing the way in which data is stored and analysed. The dynamic approach to analysis offered by cloud computing has become important due to the growth of “big data”: the large, often complex, data sets now being created in almost all fields of activity, from healthcare to e-commerce. However, companies in the US and worldwide are facing a huge skills gap, that is preventing them from realizing the business benefits from cloud computing
​The rate at which we are able to create data is rapidly accelerating. This ranges from biomedical data to social media activity and climate monitoring to retail transactions. These enormous quantities of data hold the keys to success across many domains from business and marketing to treating cancer or mitigating climate change.
​B.Sc Infrastructure Management System (IMS) is designed and developed to cater to the growing requirement of Qualified & trained Non Engineering Gradutes who can be recruited by IT Employers. Only 25% of the almost 1 million Engineering graduates passing out every year from the 3300 engineering colleges are employable. Companies spend a large amount of money and time to train the campus selected employees who require critical skills to perform well on the job. However there is a high attrition in this segment, almost 20% of these campus recruited engineers resign their jobs in pursuit of higher salaries in 2 years.